Well the first quarter of the year is all but done and dusted.  It’s about this time that all the gusto and motivation of the New Year has worn off and you might be starting to feel like you are slipping back into old habits and patterns within your business. It’s classic Ground Hog Day syndrome – it’s common and it’s insane.

It’s common because it’s very easy to get caught up working in our businesses day to day and don’t have the time to stop and think outside the box to find solution and answers that will make changes that make an IMPACT.

It’s insane because it is so simple.   If you do what you have always done, you will get what you’ve always gotten.

We all have barriers to change and excuses that pull on the handbrake of progress.

 “The business needs me on the tools right now”

“My team are not performing and I have to do everything myself”

“I have all these urgent disruptions to deal with . . I don’t have time for business development or planning right now”

Do yourself and your business a favour and take 30 minutes out this week to work on what you can you do to free up your time to allow you to focus on important business development strategies that will smash through the barriers limiting your success.

Follow this simple but effective strategy:

STEP ONE: Make four lists

MORE OF – What should you be doing More of – What works, what’s important, what helps achieve your goals and is aligned with you vision and values. Schedule these things in first and make them happen – no matter what. .

DREAMIN’ OF – What aren’t you doing at all that you want to be doing.  Write it down, even if it doesn’t seem possible right now.  Imagine you are in an alternate universe where everything is possible.  Don’t limit yourself with doubts and negativity.  What will it take to make it happen, write a action plan and take small step every day towards this goal.

LESS OF – Perhaps these things are necessary to some degree but aren’t really that important and can easily hijack your whole day if you let them (aka emails and staff issues). Can someone else do them?  Or set aside a limited time to spend on these things each day and make yourself move on once your time is up – Discipline.

RID OF – My favourite.   What does not fit with your priorities, your vision, your values. What is actually getting in the way of allowing you to have the time to focus on what is important. This one takes courage but is “the game changer”. Be honest with yourself and let go of these things. Break with to Break Through!  

STEP TWO:  Implement and Make it Happen!

Print out this template and take the first steps towards making change happen in your business today.

If you would like some accountability around implementation or would like to work with your business advisor on this template, click here and we’ll be in touch.

Eryan Haddon

Eryan Haddon


Hi. I’m Eryan Haddon, one of the partners here at Wardles and as crazy as it may sound, I love what I do. I love coming to work each day and being surrounded by our dynamic and forward thinking team. I love working with clients that are motivated and driven, with big goals and even bigger dreams. It is enormously rewarding to be a part of helping people achieve their goals which is why I make sure that it is on my to do list every day. I am particularly passionate about empowering women with the skills, resources and confidence they need to pursue their business or professional endeavours with flair and success. I have founded a community Network Group “WIMAN” which aims to bring like minded, entrepreneurial women together for learning, support and inspiration. I like to keep fit and healthy and enjoy a good game of touch footy, although I am guilty of being very competitive. I am also guilty of the occasional (ok – if I’m honest – frequent) glass of wine to wind day after a big day. My most important priority though is my family. My husband Jason, and two daughters Amy and Ally, are without a doubt my greatest source of inspiration to strive for more and to try each day to become a better version of myself then I was yesterday.

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