November 2017 Team Advocate

Meet Glenn Smith

In an effort to showcase our amazing team members and allow you to get to know who we are, we are running a “Team Advocate of the month” to show you our bunch of people and celebrate their skills.

So here is our November Advocate….



Meet Glenn Smith

Are you a morning person, or a night owl?

I would like to think that I am a morning person, however, since I have been studying my Bachelor of Accounting, I have definitely become a night owl. I will be looking forward to turning back into a morning person when I finish my degree in December.

Tell us about some of your favourite books or movies, and why you love them? (you can talk out one, or a few)

My favourite movie of all time would have to be Robin Hood, Men in Tights. As a lover of one liners, this movie is one of the best. My father was always the best with one liners and it allows me to relive his fantastic jokes

What’s your typical morning routine?

My morning routine was tuned on its head about a year ago when i found the pleasure that coffee brings to ones world. I found that RedBull is not the best thing to drink at 8.30am in the morning. Since my discovery, I now make myself a coffee as soon as I get to work to start my day on a positive note.

Tell us about your favourite travel experience?

In 2013 I had the pleasure of travelling through Europe with my wife for 6 weeks. We visited 16 countries, 33 cities in 41 days. Our favourite destinations on the trip were Prague, Venice and Berlin. We love to travel abroad while we can before we have to settle down.

What artist, songs or playlist do you listen to when you need motivation?

I have been trialling  different genres and playlists, however, my favourite music tastes bring me back to music with a great beat and dance vibe. I have also been introduced to the genre of Electro Swing which allows me to enjoy dance music mashed with 30’s style swing.

What’s your #INSPIRATION… What motivates you to show up at work and ROCK IT?

I have worked in many different jobs and workplaces and as soon as I started working at Wardles I felt like I fit in straight away. When leaving school, I would never have thought that I would one day become an accountant, but I really enjoy learning something new every day and I am inspired to try and get the best result for all clients. The team at Wardles have been very supportive whilst I have been studying and I am looking forward to my growth in the future.



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