February 2018 Team Advocate

Meet Eryan Haddon

In an effort to showcase our amazing team members and allow you to get to know who we are, we are running a “Team Advocate of the month” to show you our bunch of people and celebrate their skills.

So here is our February Advocate….

Are you a morning person, or a night owl?

I am definitely more of a night owl, but am trying hard to break the habit.   I have read many books and articles that talk about the importance of getting up early and having a morning rituals or routines that will set you up for the day and it all makes good sense.  So, I’m trying to break up with my snooze button.


Tell us about some of your favourite books

I read a lot and can’t pick favourites.  I love a good crime thriller when I need a dose of fiction but I also love to read business and motivational books – they have played a big part in my personal and professional growth over the years.


What artist, songs or playlist do you listen to when you need motivation?

I have a play list of go to songs when I need some motivation.   A couple of my fav’s are “The Fighter” Gym Class Heroes, and Macklemore had some good ones “Can’t Hold us” and “Glorious”  but I also love some old school rock like ACDC or Bon Jovi.


Tell us about your favourite travel experience?

On a recent trip I spent a couple of days in Hong Kong and thought it was amazing.  Two days was not near enough time to experience everything and I will definitely go back.


What’s your favourite quote or poem?

“Learn from the past, Live in the present, believe in the future”.

Because it is a constant reminder to let go of what happened yesterday, embrace what is happening right now,  and take positive actions that are in line with my values.  The future will take care of itself.


What’s your #INSPIRATION… What motivates you to show up at work and ROCK IT?

The belief that I what I do can make a difference.  I love being on the business journey with my clients and helping them achieve their goals.  I enjoy working with my team and seeing them grow personally and professionally.  It is rewarding for me to feel like I have contributed to the success of others. Having purpose is so important and it gives me the passion and persistence I need to keep striving for bigger and better ways to achieve that purpose.

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