April 2018 Team Advocate

Meet Amy Henrich

In an effort to showcase our amazing team members and allow you to get to know who we are, we are running a “Team Advocate of the month” to show you our bunch of people and celebrate their skills.

So here is our April Advocate….


What’s your #INSPIRATION… What motivates you to show up at work and ROCK IT?

I really do love my job. I love that I can make such positive impacts on people’s lives – that is my #INSPIRATION… and not just my amazing clients, but also my work colleagues. We are one amazing team who all support each other.


What’s your typical morning routine?

Let me tell you – being a working Mum can be pretty stressful!

When my husband is off shift, I LOVE to start my morning with a 1.5km swim. It allows me a good 45 minutes to think about the upcoming day. It is a very relaxing time for me.

When my husband is on shift, it is not so relaxing! Haha. Getting myself and my two girls ready for the day ahead consists of Breakfast / Dressed / School Lunches / Hairstyles / Two school drop-offs – all the normal morning activities compiled into a one-hour timeslot. But somehow, we seem to make it work!


That artist, songs or playlist do you listen to when you need motivation?

I am well known in the office for listening to good old John Farnham! Although it’s not often, I must admit to playing quite a few of his tunes to make me focus on the task at hand.

Other than that, I really enjoy a lot of genres! As long as I can sing along to it – I’m happy to listen to it!


Tell us about your favourite travel experience?

I actually haven’t done much travel at all. My two overseas trips consist of New Zealand for a ski trip in high school and Bali with Wardles in 2014. As enjoyable as these trips were, my most memorable trip was in 2015 with my family. We had a three-week road trip, heading down the centre of Australia to Victoria, and headed home back up the coast. It was a wonderful trip that will be hard to beat!


What are your 5 favourite foods?

I would say my favourite meat would either be chicken or lamb. I actually love all vegetables, except peas (because who actually likes them?!?) And my favourite fruit is a lovely juicy Bowen Mango! Yummmm…


What is one of your favourite memories you have as a child?

Growing up a single child, most of my childhood memories all contain an animal of some description! I couldn’t actually pin point any one memory. I was lucky to have grown up surrounded by all types of animals, cows, goats, pigs, chickens, dogs, fish, a bird and a cat. I have carried that into my adult life, to ensure my children learn to respect and love animals as much as I do.


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