August 2018 Team Advocate

Meet Pete Tuppurainen

In an effort to showcase our amazing team members and allow you to get to know who we are, we are running a “Team Advocate of the month” to show you our bunch of people and celebrate their skills.

So here is our August Advocate….

Are you a morning person, or a night owl?


This changes from time to time, sometimes I can get right into the habit of going to bed early, then getting up at 5:00 and doing heaps of things before work and wonder why I haven’t been doing this my whole life as it’s so productive and useful.  I do that for six months or more at a time, but…. then I fall into old habits and stay up late, sleep in and generally become a night owl.  I’d say that overall, I’ve spent more of my life being up at night and sleeping in, so call me a night owl.


What is your favourite past time?


Definitely playing music, both individually and with my band.   It’s a great release of stress, and you can right your world within a few minutes of playing music.  Also having a great connection with your bandmates, and when everyone is in sync with a song is a truly amazing feeling.  Music gives me confidence, relaxation, and a creative outlet.  It’s a big part of who I am.


What are 3 things still left on your bucket list?


All travel related, There’s a lot of the world out there that I haven’t seen.  First would be some sort of a challenging trek/hike somewhere, where you just go for a month (or two!), hike each day, camp out and go again, something challenging like hiking right the way around Tasmania, or something like that.   Second would be to travel all around Europe and do it in style!  Finally, would be to do the whole grey nomad thing, travel around all of Australia in a vintage camper and see all of our own backyard.


Tell us about your favourite travel experience?


For me and my wife’s 10th wedding anniversary, we booked our own desert island near Cairns in a luxury house nestled in the hills.  They delivered our meals every day while we were out, we didn’t see anyone for 10 straight days.  It was an amazing experience and I’d highly recommend it.


What artist, songs or playlist do you listen to when you need motivation?


My music tastes are really varied.  If I need to focus, classical or light Jazz.  If I need motivation, some industrial, grunge metal or ambient trance will do the trick.  So I’ll go from Miles Davis and Mozart to Disturbed, Nine Inch Nails, to DJ Tieto and Above and Beyond.  But there’s always David Bowie……

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