Xero’s App Partner of the month for October is ServiceM8. ServiceM8 is smart job management software for trades and services, eliminating paperwork and improving productivity for small businesses.

This is exciting news for us, as during Amy and Jess’s recent trip to Xero Con they met ServiceM8 for the first time and learned how this family-founded business got off the ground and now helps small business owners around the world streamline admin, so they can focus on the job.

They were so impressed, they immediately signed up to become Certified Partners to help show & implement the benefits of ServiceM8 for Mount Isa businesses.




As Xero app of the month, Xero spoke with Darren Ford, Account Manager at ServiceM8:

“We specialise in helping trades and services businesses with high volume jobs,” Darren said. “Every job has admin associated with it and over multiple jobs it can really mount up. Many businesses are still manually managing this admin. But that can be time consuming, making it easy to fall behind, from missing appointments to not getting invoices out on time.”*


ServiceM8 streamlines the entire job management process, from the first call to a customer, right through to sending the final invoice, and taking payment right there on site.

“Our clients can win quotes on speed, instead of price, because they can quote on-site. They can also fit their admin into their work days rather than after hours, because they can manage jobs and staff on-the-go. They get even greater efficiency if they use Xero too, because information only needs to be entered into ServiceM8 once and automatically flows into Xero,” Darren said.*


The benefits of trading manual systems in for cloud-based software

It was inefficiencies in his own business that led ServiceM8’s Founder, Kim Ford, to start ServiceM8 almost a decade ago. He bought a locksmith business, which was operating with paper-based systems. Work orders were printed, put on clipboards and handed to staff. Invoices were then written up at the end of each day, based on the information on those clipboards. It was time-consuming and meant unnecessary double handling.

“Before using ServiceM8, many of our customers had no choice but to work late into the night to get their quotes out. With ServiceM8, they can invoice as they go and fit their admin into the work day, removing stress and giving them more time with their families,” Darren said.*

Because ServiceM8 stores everything in the cloud, business owners can check in on their business remotely, giving them the freedom to go on holiday, without risking their business.

“With manual systems, business owners need to be onsite to have visibility into what’s going on in their business. With ServiceM8 they are able to take a break, because they can access this information remotely and step in only if they need to,” Darren said.*

Even greater innovation for small business

“We integrated with Xero in 2012 and it’s been great for our customers and our business. Xero customers already understand the value of the cloud and Xero’s accountants and bookkeepers are really engaged. We’re also like-minded in our values, innovating to help small businesses succeed,” Darren said.

* From Xero Blog here.


Interested in learning more??

ServiceM8 now has built a global customer base with impressive stats when it comes to helping their customers with productivity. In the first three months of using ServiceM8, customers are able do 30% more work thanks to the efficiencies they gain.


Wardles are currently in the process of becoming ServiceM8 Certified Xero Partner, and will be holding a free information session & live demonstrations of this amazing software over the coming months.


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