By now you should be registered for Single Touch Payroll (STP) in Xero , and ready to file each payrun.

Sooo… What’s going to change?

Once you are registered for STP, you should be processing payroll same as normal, but now after you click ‘Post Pay Run’, there will be a ‘FILE’ button you need to press after directly after (see below)

Image result for xero stp screen shots

After you click ‘FILE’, you will be redirected to a page that is asking you to verify everything is true and correct, of which you select yes and click ‘Finalise and submit to the ATO’.

Once single touch payroll is enabled, you will only be able to revert the most recent pay in any calendar to draft.  There will be no need to submit PAYG summaries at end of financial year (hurrah!!).  To make any required changes, you will need to process unscheduled pay runs, which can be selected for any payroll date within the payroll year (double hurrah!!).

We would be happy to assist you with any questions you have relating to single touch payroll – just call our office on 07 4743 4966.

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