With the start of 2020 just around the corner, the team here at Wardles are absolutely buzzing with excitement. But it’s not the standard ‘new year, new me’ talk of fresh starts and resolutions that have got us all worked up… It’s some even bigger news we want to share.

It’s with bellies full of butterflies (and a sprinkle of sadness) that we part ways with our ‘Wardles’ branding and announce a new name and fresh new look.

Our founding partner, Garry Wardle, built an accounting firm based on professionalism, trust, and relationships, and we have worked hard to carry on this legacy and build on his good name.

Almost every industry and business has been rattled by some form of digital disruption as technology, the cloud, and innovation have stirred up our traditional business practices. For us, this has been the catalyst for change, and we have taken some BIG steps in shedding a traditional approach to accounting. Allowing us to use this innovation to provide more value to our clients than ever.  

We still do all the things you’d expect from an expert team of number crunchers; the key difference is these changes have allowed us to focus on how to use numbers as a foundation for growth, not just making sure your tax gets lodged on time.

We all know that the road to financial freedom, and being in business, isn’t a short trip, it’s a journey –  a trekk – and one that’s far longer than most think! And if you’ve been around awhile, you’ll instantly recognise that a journey taken together with a team of trusted advisors can lead to some pretty darn good outcomes.  Our new brand was built on this idea.

So, without further ado, it’s time to introduce you to our new identity; Trekk Advisory. A brand that we hope encompasses our personality; honest & real, fresh & innovative, committed & serious… But also a tad rebellious, fun and cheeky.

trekk advisory

As if that wasn’t enough, we’ve also taken a big leap towards another big, audacious goal and opened a second office in Townsville.  We service many clients across North Queensland, not only in Mount Isa, so building a team and a base over there was always going to be the next step in our journey. Mount Isa is our home, our community and our ‘heart’, so we want to assure you that we remain 100% committed to Mount Isa and you can expect a continued focus on deliverables and a high standard of service to you.

As you commence your stalk of our new brand, you may also notice some different faces and places. This is because we are also sharing our exciting news and brand alongside two other accounting firms with offices across QLD and NSW. This wasn’t a snap decision, the story starts back in 2010 when we met a few like-minded accounting professionals through networking & industry events who had the same hunger to build a new generation of accountants.

Over the years, we only became more aligned – working together to build the same systems, processes, culture and we have now grown to be a community of down-to-earth, committed and passionate people leading the charge in accounting-backed advisory.  This growth in our network only allows us to serve you better – With a bigger pool of knowledge, experience, connections, and expertise to draw from.

Rest assured, our firm is still locally owned and separately operated to the other firms. This won’t change how we do business, or much at all for you, really. We’re still the same team you’ve grown to know and trust. We’re still the people you can pick up the phone and call, nerd out the numbers, dream up big plans and make a clear path towards the meaty goals. Now, there’s just a larger support network and more locations.

The last six months have been a whirlwind of crazy and unhealthy portions of coffee as we’ve been brainstorming, strategising, building and rolling out these projects we’ve announced to you today and we hope you are just as excited for the future as we are.

Thank you for being amazing clients and for allowing us to be a part of your journey. We are looking forward to a continued friendship – balancing banter and dreaming big with serious hard work, to help you continue to achieve your great!

To learn more about our story, how we got here, and where we are going head over to our amazing new website www.trekkadvisory.life and poke around. As you know, we love a good chinwag, so if you want to talk further about what this means, please feel free to contact us.

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