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There is always that one person who likes to buck the trend. A person who is reluctant to change because they just don’t know if it will work.  Well that person was me!  I resisted moving to Xero, I didn’t want to be on the same bandwagon as everyone else.  I was scared to change because I felt like I had only just got my books under control.

But…. Xero has simplified my life.  In more ways than I care to admit. I spend less time doing the book keeping chores and more time doing the things I enjoy. We have moved to an almost paperless accounting system and reconciliation is no longer a monthly nightmare.  Oh and Superannuation, well that is a dream…. all over and done within a few clicks.

Change to Xero today, you won’t be sorry.

Kate Brewster

Owner, Q Energy Solutions

We have been using another accounting program for around 20 years.  Within the business community we had heard great things about Xero, so decided we would change over and see how we went.   Understandably we were quite nervous at the change, as we are not real tech savvy.

Naomi from Wardles was absolutely brilliant with importing everything over from the other program.  She also gave us a run down on Xero and a tutoring session on how to do everything. If there are any times where we are unsure of what to do, either Naomi or Glenn are more than happy to talk us through the steps.

We are so impressed with the Xero program that we wish we had changed sooner.  It is so user friendly, and everything you need is at your fingertips.   We love the Dashboard, where you can see all your accounts receivables and payables, without having to go into different reports.   Visually it is just so much easier to interpret what you need.    Xero also has the facility so our accountant can access everything at the same time we are, which streamlines the accounting side of the business even more.

Narelle Crockett

Owner, MC Scaffolds

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