How we can help with this exciting step.

Self-managed super funds are a growth area at present, and quite an exciting step if they are a right fit for you.

At Wardles, we won’t just set up your super fund and part ways. We understand there are many traps and pitfalls that you need to watch out for and ensure we work together as a team to keep on top of the crucial administrative and compliance related obligations.

Getting the right advice along the way is absolutely vital to your super success – and Eryan at Wardles is the focused advisor that you need.



We can assist in all areas of advice and establishment:

  • Complete Establishment of your shiny new SMSF
  • Structure and advice for borrowing in your fund
  • Administration and Accounting services
  • Audit
  • Financial Advice
  • Estate Planning to protect your wealth
  • Wind Up

Once we’ve worked together to establish your fund we can guide you through the entire process – starting from setting up a bank account, super rollovers, investment strategies through to giving you a thorough understanding of your responsibilities!

The process of setting up and managing a super fund can be relatively intimidating – Especially if you have never managed or run your own business before. So never fear, Eryan is here to carry the load and make sure it’s a breeze.


 Self-Managed Super Funds are all the rage at the moment and for good reason . . . there are some great benefits to having one:



Investment Choice, Flexibility and Control;

Tax Planning and Control;


Borrowing and Direct Investment in Real Estate;

Looking after the Family – Estate Planning;

Pension Planning;

Asset Protection


To make sure that a Self-managed super fund is right for you, there’s some things you need to ponder first. Australian Securities And Investments Commission asks you the below questions in order to better prepare your decision:

Do you have enough super?

As a good rule of thumb we would suggest that you have at least approximately $200,000 in superannuation before considering a SMSF.  It comes down to the cost of administrating your SMSF as a % of your holdings and comparing that to a retail fund.

Will your self-managed super fund outperform your current fund?

Super funds use highly skilled professional managers to invest your super money. Can you do better than the professionals? Consider whether the investments you choose will perform as well as your professionally managed super fund. Are you confident you can accurately measure returns?

Have you considered the costs?

Like all super funds, your SMSF will have costs associated with running the fund. These include the cost of investing, accounting and auditing for your SMSF, which may be much higher than what you are currently paying.

Will you lose valued benefits?

Super funds usually offer discounted life and disability insurance. If you set up an SMSF you will have to purchase your insurance separately.

Do you know enough?

Establishing a SMSF means that you are the trustee of the fund (or a director of the company that is a corporate trustee), and hence you need to be ready and able to take on the responsibilities of being a super fund trustee.

Want to get more of a feel of our costs?

Well, depending upon your structure and whether or not you will be borrowing in your SMSF, the set up costs of your SMSF can be substantial.  Costs and advice required can include:

  • Financial Planning advice prior to establishing your fund to determine whether it is a good investment choice for you.
  • Accountant advice regarding structure and to establish, ATO registrations etc
  • The actual cost of the fund and related companies and trusts
  • Advice on getting started
  • Roll-over of existing superannuation into the SMSF
  • Insurance advice (there will likely be existing insurance policies attached to your current retail superannuation)

The initial set-up costs of your SMSF can vary from $1,500 to $5,000.  However, the potential benefits can be far in excess of these costs.  It is a matter of weighing up the benefits.


If you are considering setting up a Self-Managed Super Fund, we are here to help you get on the right path. We offer an initial no obligation, free consultation to help you sift through the technical jargon and decipher if a Self-Managed Super Fund will benefit you.



Please see below a set of very comprehensive fact sheets available for download.

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