You have the ability to know your looming tax situation ahead of time. Not only that, we can give you strategies to improve it.



Investing in Tax Planning can save you significant time and money. And that is why it is one of the most valuable services we can offer. Tax shouldn’t be solely about what you owe, or what you are getting back for the financial year – We work with you prior the end of the financial year to discuss how your year has traveled and how we can improve the looming tax situation.

To put it simply, Tax Planning is a review of your information for the year to date, estimating income and expenses for the remainder of the financial year and then using this to provide you with recommendations on ways you can reduce your tax obligations. It is usually completed between March and June each year.

Tax Planning can range from a simple recommendation, such making a concessional superannuation contribution for a self-employed person prior to 30 June, or for those on a different journey, you may have multiple structures/businesses and require an analysis of your trading to date and be provided with a report with several strategies to improve your tax situation and ensure there are no nasty surprises come tax time.

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The 3 Largest Benefits of Tax Planning:



Taking up tax planning lets you know your estimated tax liability almost 12 months before it’s due. This is particularly important if your business is doing very well and your tax liability is high.



It gives you time to implement tax saving strategies before the end of the financial year. The timing of implementing these strategies is very important to achieve maximum benefit and your advisor may suggest tax savings you hadn’t thought of.



This is a GREAT time to talk about changes to finish off the financial year with a BANG. Do you know what your turnover is? Is your gross profit or net profit on target and meeting or exceeding expectations? Do you have enough staff to meet increased trade needs? Are you happy with your current accounting software? Do you need new equipment/finance? Do you want to buy/sell a business? This is essential in planning and managing your business and efficiencies.

So, want to know where you fit and how we can help?

Meet George, Patrick & Rachel and Henry below and see if you relate to their business. We’ve created them to showcase the types of problems we see in businesses everyday, and how Tax Planning can help.

Hover over the images to learn more about their businesses, their stress come tax time and how Tax Planning has helped them..


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George is on Xero and has a turnover of under $1 million. He’s relatively new to business and is unsure of how his business has actually been performing. It’s been a rough year, the business has struggled and cashflow is tight. He wants to know what to expect at tax time so he can better manage cashflow and not end up in a tight spot. He always wants to utilise this time with his advisor to talk about the year ahead. Thanks to Tax Planning, George was provided a list of achievable action items and ultimately saved himself from paying a hefty amount of tax. Not only that he has a clear view of the future after an exciting catch up with his advisor.


MEET... Patrick & Rachel

Patrick & Rachel run a successful homeware store, use Xero and usually have a turnover of $1-$2 million. Business has had it’s ups and downs but they are seeing improvements. Their business structure is a little more complex and they are looking for reassurance they won’t have a tax problem or if there is any way they can save some money. Thanks to Tax Planning, Patrick and Rachel received clear indication of where to spend to put themselves on the right path for the new financial year. They felt peace of mine, knowing exactly what to expect come tax time and are now able to plan ahead and start putting away to meet their deadlines.



Henry has a complex business structure with multiple business and entities. He works on Xero and knows his turnover is $2 million PLUS. He knows he’s in a profit, but not really sure how to best minimize and plan for the looming end of financial year. He also is looking at gaining a better understanding of how this is going to impact him personally. Thanks to Tax Planning Henry was provided with strategies to not only to minimize the amount of tax he needed to pay AS WELL as reviewing and maximizing his personal wealth.

We understand every business is unique.

Please see below some INDICATIVE prices for Tax Planning that we can offer. We’ve tried our hardest to package up the different prices for the size of your business.

Are you more like George, Patrick & Rachel – Or even Henry? The price of your Tax Planning really depends on your structure and complexity.




Are you more like “George”? Are you on Xero, with a turnover of under $1million? This will suit you if you have a smaller structure, are new to business and don’t know how you have actually been performing.




Are you more like “Patrick & Rachel”? Are you on Xero, with a turnover of $1 – $2 million? This will suit you if you have medium size structure, been in business a while and slowly seeing improvements and looking for some reassurance.




Are you more like “Henry”? Are you on Xero, with multiple businesses and entities, with a turnover of over $2 million? This will suit you if you know you’re in a profit, but want to make gain an understanding of your tax situation and maximizing your personal wealth.


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Want some more resources? No worries!


See below our Blogs and Resources that relate to Planning, and a video from Director of Wardle & Associates, Eryan Haddon, on the peace of mind that comes with Tax Planning.

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