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Like what you see? Well we can help you out in three very easy steps.


The first step is to meet with your Xero Captain and map out what your business really needs, check out your current systems and set your ‘Xero Live’ date.


We’ll create an action plan, and get to work first thing – Setting up your Xero file to maximise efficiency and results.


Once we’ve teamed together to create you a beautiful file, you can go live and we provide you with absolute top-notch training and ongoing support while you get on your feet (which won’t take long!).


Data & Software Accessible Online

Anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Cashflow Improvement

Clear overview of business, financial position.. In real time.

More connection with your Financial Advisor

Live data and connectivity helps you and your advisor make better decisions.

Cost Effective

Affordable monthly fee, tailored to the size of your business.

Automatic Updates.

Spend more time doing what you love.

Streamlined Payroll & Super

Save time time on processing and be super stream compliant without a hassle.

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There is always that one person who likes to buck the trend. A person who is reluctant to change because they just don’t know if it will work.  Well that person was me!  I resisted moving to Xero, I didn’t want to be on the same bandwagon as everyone else.  I was scared to change because I felt like I had only just got my books under control.

But…. Xero has simplified my life.  In more ways than I care to admit. I spend less time doing the book keeping chores and more time doing the things I enjoy. We have moved to an almost paperless accounting system and reconciliation is no longer a monthly nightmare.  Oh and Superannuation, well that is a dream…. all over and done within a few clicks.

Change to Xero today, you won’t be sorry.

Kate Brewster

Owner, Q Energy Solutions

We have been using another accounting program for around 20 years.  Within the business community we had heard great things about Xero, so decided we would change over and see how we went.   Understandably we were quite nervous at the change, as we are not real tech savvy.

Naomi from Wardles was absolutely brilliant with importing everything over from the other program.  She also gave us a run down on Xero and a tutoring session on how to do everything.  If there are any times where we are unsure of what to do, either Naomi or Glenn are more than happy to talk us through the steps.

We are so impressed with the Xero program that we wish we had changed sooner.  It is so user friendly, and everything you need is at your fingertips.   We love the Dashboard, where you can see all your accounts receivables and payables, without having to go into different reports.   Visually it is just so much easier to interpret what you need.    Xero also has the facility so our accountant can access everything at the same time we are, which streamlines the accounting side of the business even more.

Narelle Crockett

Owner, MC Scaffolds

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You can always count on us.

We’ve created some support packages so you know we are always a phone call away, and you always know what the cost is.

Niggling Question


20-30 minutes

Ask us some quick questions so you don’t get held up.

Refresher Course


1 hour

A training session with your Xero Coach in our office, your office, or online.

In Depth Session


2 hours

Train a new staff member or learn some new areas yourself.

We understand every business is unique.

That’s why we’ve tried our hardest to package up the different conversions and prices that best suit your business on it’s journey.




Start your business right, with Xero.




Converting has never been easier.




Let us do the hard work for you.

*Prices exclusive of GST


Why Choose Wardles?

We are not merely accountants – Our team lives and breathes all things ‘cloud’. We know the systems and processes that will work best for you, and provide the quality support to see you make the leap to the cloud.

Not only that, we won’t throw you in the cloud and leave you there – We will be there every step of the way, ensuring you don’t lose oxygen in the high altitude of the cloud!

With no back-ups, will my data truly be secure in the cloud?

Protecting your data is one of Xero’s s fundamental priorities. They use multiple layers of security to ensure your data is secure around the clock.

To save you from backing-up, Xero securely stores your data online and in several location. If you r computer/laptop/phone gets lost or stolen you won’t lose your data.

Their security is regularly reviewed and configured, monitored and updated according to industry best practice.

How much will Xero cost?

Xero is a great fit for most small businesses. They are flexible and charge a monthly fee, tailored to suit the size of your business. With prices starting from $25/month, you can view the different plans here.

Please see our below pricing tables for conversion and setup costs.

How many users can Xero have?

Xero is completely flexible when it comes to users and permissions for your employees. You are able to have unlimited users to log in and view your information at anytime. But don’t worry! Each user in your Xero organisation has a role with different levels of access – Controlled by you. These include Read Only, Standard, Payroll and Invoice Only.

One of the great things about Xero is that any number of users can be logged into your organisation at the same time and working on the same thing, even your Trusted Advisor can access your file at any time to help you through those tough moments.

I use a lot of other programs, will Xero work with these?

Xero has an entire market-place full of apps to solve all your business needs. From Inventory, Payments, Point-Of-Sale and Debtor Control, it has something for all your needs. View the app directory here.

We aren’t just Xero experts…

receipt bank xero integration
unleashed xero integration
Vend xero integration
Workflow Max xero integration

After Xero, it’s only onwards and upwards with 1000’s of integrations to help your business.

Meet our team of Xero Super Stars.


The conversion will be completed with your existing MYOB or Reckon file, therefore any historical data that may be ‘messy’ or incorrect would be imported too. We would recommend having a clean file to convert with – This is something that we can review for you, and assist in preparing for Xero. This work by us is not included in the offer, and will need to be charged. These are all points we will discuss with you in your free of charge, no obligation consult.


Moving away from your current accounting program made easy! As we are a Silver Certified Xero Partner – we can take the pain out of converting to the cloud and can offer this fast efficient service for FREE.

Book in online now, or call us to schedule in a time for your no charge appointment.

Please be advised, this does not include any required training or assistance after the file is established. Please see our support and training prices and ask for more information during your consult.


If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.


If you’re all ready to book in, just click below to schedule in a time online. We’ll call you a day before to confirm all the details.